Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jigsaw (Jeremy Steig)

One of not many outings of flutist Jeremy Steig, with LeeAnn Ledgerwood on piano and Joe Chambers on drums, produced by Walter Becker (Steely Dan). I direct your attention to his take on the seldom heard B. Kaper’s ballad While My Lady Sleep, following closely Coltrane’s 1957 rendition (from «Coltrane») with its characteristic piano-bass ostinato. (Triloka 320190-2, 1991)

MP3@320 VBR

1 - Washington Place (4:00)
2 - Seascape (4:46)
3 - While My Lady Sleeps (5:50)
4 - Tears for Charles Street (4:52)
5 - Circular Norton (5:16)
6 - Sifu's Song (Dedicated to Kenny Gong)(5:19)
7 - Et Tu Tweetus (3:53)
8 - Jigsaw (5:25)
9 - Spring Street (5:08)
10 - Naima (6:43).


  1. Hi Marco!
    Thanks for the post. I like Jeremy Steig and looking forward to listen to it.
    I've been trying for several hours to download the file but for some strange reasons it just keep "looping", you can't get through the download phase.
    I'll try again later on.
    Thanks again

  2. Hi Uri,

    Mediafire does that at times, it was working fine yesterday… try again in awhile.

    (I dug out a Peter Leitch, will upload it between tonight and tomorrow)

  3. Thanks a lot for some very nice posts, sir.