Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This One’s for Bill (Kenny Drew, Jr.)

A solo set by Kenny Drew, Jr. cut in 1995 at NYC’s Masonic Temple, and dedicated to Bill Evans. It includes the first (and probably last) recording ever of Evans’ composition It’s Love-It’s Christmas. TCB 99352

MP3@320 VBR

1 - This One's For Bill
2 - Remembering the Rain
3 - Suicide Is Painless
4 - It’s Love-It’s Christmas
5 - On Green Dolphin Street
6 - Two Lonely People, The
7 - Days of Wine and Roses, The
8 - Nardis


  1. found your blog at KC's.
    thanks for a welcome upgrade of an enjoyable album!

  2. Marco Hi!

    I didn't know you had opened your own blog, congratulation!
    Looking good.
    I will download this album and tell you what I think.
    One thing that I can say is that Kenny Drew Jr. is a better pianist than is father.

  3. Uri, you'll be glad to know that I was moved to open my (admittedly poor) blog to give back at least a fragment of what I got from you, KingCake, Grumpy, and a bunch of other people...

    As for Kenny Jr, I like how he sounds different from his father, whom I love also!

  4. A very impressive solo piano display. Technically superb.

  5. It is. A tad too much on the 'concert' side for my taste, but very enjoyable.