Monday, April 4, 2011

La scena olandese [The Dutch Scene]

Covermount CD from italian Musica Jazz magazine, June 2004. It covers the best of Dutch avant-garde from the ’70s to the present, often  in interaction with Americans. (The image on the left is not of the original cover, sorry). For a more thorough overview of Dutch jazz, visit the KingCake Crypt.

MP3 @ 320 VBR

1. Memories (Leo Cuypers)
2. Orange (Michiel Braam),
3. Brozziman (Misha Mengelberg)
4. Uninhabited Island (Michael Moore)
5. Hap Sap (But Not From Jaffa) (Willem Breuker)
6. Boom-Petit (Anton Goudsmith)
7. Bayram (Theo Loevendie)
8. Trench Muzak (Maurice Horstuis)
9. Monkey Woman (Sean Bergin)
10. Igor's Bransie (Ab Baars)
11. Total Loss (Misha Mengelberg)
12. Dat Had Je Gedacht (Corrie van Binsbergen)
13. Mixed Caravan (Ellington/Mengelberg)
I14. Elf in Een Dozijn (Cor Fuhler)
15. Buona Notte (Maarten Altena)

1 comment:

  1. A very fine compilation!
    But I wouldn't call it "the best of Dutch avant-garde", most of the music on the album is more close to the mainstream than to the avant-garde.
    Thanks for the share Marco.